We make students ready with their Startup / Business concept or for Dream placement enriched with Entrepreneurial edge with our 4 year startup startup track. Startup Track is bifurcated along-side 4 year of Graduation course as below:

Startup Track: 1st year

From the every 1st year of academics we train students with their business model concept by igniting Idea, Motivating them and mentoring.

Startup Track: 2nd year

For the 2nd academic year, we prepare students for setting up finance and Infrastructure for establishment. Protecting concepts with intellectual property Rights (IPR) and expanding horizons by collaborating with various industries.

Startup Track: 3rd year

In 3rd year of academic sessions, it will be a high time for fetching market funding and setting-up a venture capital. Followed by product development life cycle.

Startup Track: 4th year

In the final / 4th year of startup track, it time for sales & marketing resulting in scalabilities & Concept growth.

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